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Published: July 1, 2023

We are familiar with the need to supply high-value equipment for the medical sector because we are the industry leader in the supply of mobility aids, wheelchairs, and electric scooters for healthcare facilities. This understanding extends to our range of Covid Rapid Test Kits, which are designed to provide accurate results in a short amount of time.

Utilizing a rapid test kit to check oneself for signs of coronavirus infection is not only practical, but represents a significant step forward for humanity in its efforts to track the virus and stop further spread.

We are one of the first companies to offer online sales of high-quality rapid antigen tests supplied by Roche Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, and we havebeen the move ever since. We now have Roche’s outstanding self-test for nasal only swab only , which are suitable for both children as well as for adults who do not  enjoy the process of taking throat swabs (which is required for nasopharyngeal kits) but still enjoy a high level of accuracy.

We are confident that we can meet your requirements for lateral flow test kits,  whatever they may be, and that we can do so from stock, with fast delivery and a pricing structure that offers discounts based on the number of kits you order. In addition, we offer a more cost-effective option – Panodyne Sars-2-Cov test kits.


Do you find that the numerous different types of test kits available to detect this virus confusing you. To help you, the following observations and suggestions have been provided:

Even if you do not feel unwell, PCR tests, can detect the virus in the mucus and saliva in your nose and throat. These samples must be processed in a laboratory. The term “PCR” refers to “Polymerase Chain Reaction,” which means part of the  “PCR” test.

Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs), also known as Lateral Flow Devices, are Covid test kits that provide a result within minutes of being tested; they are popular and useful for self-examination. Lateral Flow tests (LFT) are sometimes referred to as Lateral Flow Devices.

The convenience of one of these test kits compared to others is the main factor that sets them apart.


Buffer Solution

This is a purified, clear liquid that is added to a swab to collect any viral cells that need to be transferred to a paper test strip.

It’s the Swab.

A long stick with an absorbent pad attached to the end that is used to collect a sample of fluid from a patient’s nose or throat.


This is a plastic pot that is used in the process of mixing the swab with the buffer solution. After that, you will need to place a few drops of liquid to the test strip.

A Device for Lateral Flow

This is the actual strip of test paper, and it is usually contained in a plastic holder. It is also called LFD. Any covid virus cells present in the buffer solution will react with the antibody band on the paper, causing them to appear as a line when absorbed by the paper.