The Beauty


Published: October 11, 2023

You want to be as healthy as possible, and you also want your skin to look as good as possible. You treat your skin like a princess using one product or another and pay special attention to what you put on your body. You probably pay attention to nutritional data and ingredient lists when shopping for products, choosing products that promote a healthy daily diet and do not contain any artificial ingredients. But are you that careful when choosing products for your daily skin care?

The beauty industry is flooded with products and marketing claims that guarantee their formulations will improve the appearance and texture of skin, fade dark spots, and delay the signs of aging. Often cosmetics made from artificial or chemical substances offer the same as fad diets, which are a temporary mask that does not benefit the skin from the inside. This is because artificial or chemical ingredients are not natural. Since both research and personal experience have shown us that organic products are the best choice for our overall health, it goes without saying that organic skin care products are also worth the effort it takes to find and purchase them.

Consider using a transdermal patch, which is a tiny patch that is applied directly to the skin to deliver a dose of medication directly into the bloodstream. Your skin allows the medicine on these patches, which usually help people stop smoking or use birth control, to enter your skin and affect how your body functions. These patches are most commonly used to help people stop smoking. All this is relevant right now. These patches do not have any unique delivery mechanism other than your own skin, of course. There is no difference in the ingredients of the products you use for skin care. Where exactly does lotion go when you start rubbing it into your skin? The components enter the bloodstream after being taken through the skin.

You need to take an extra step to choose organic skin care products. It takes some research and thoughtful consideration before moving forward, but the result is well worth the effort. Your health is definitely worth the effort. Below are five reasons why you should look for organic products and plant-derived skin care products:

  1. Because you want the ingredients you use on your face and body to be as healthy and safe as possible. The skin care industry in the United States is subject to only a limited number of safety regulations. And this is a disturbing development for your well-being. Skin care products can contain various chemicals such as parabens, carcinogens, and allergens that are known to irritate both the skin and the body in general. Currently, 12,500 compounds are used in skin care products, but only 11 percent of them have been investigated in the US and only 8 of them have been banned. This is an amazing fact. The European Union, on the other hand, has banned 1,100 different substances, classifying them as dangerous compounds. Choosing products made from organic and non-toxic ingredients can help your skin and the rest of your body continue to function at their best.
  2. Your skin color and texture may noticeably change after using this product. You may have heard or read stories about famous women of the past, such as Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Guinevere, who attributed their stunning appearance to the use of chemicals derived from plants. We find that legends contain a significant amount of reality. Our skin has been shown to need the gentle and nourishing benefits of organic botanicals when we bring our beauty practices back to their natural roots, sometimes referred to as “back to basics”. Even if you’re skeptical right now, this step will greatly improve the look and health of your skin in the long run.
  3. You are contributing to the health of the planet, as well as improving its aesthetic appeal. Buying an organic product may prevent the use of a product with chemical additives. This indicates that the harmful components washed down the drain do not pose a threat to the sensitive ecosystems that we have. As the government restricts controls on compounds that can be used in skin care products, consumers and manufacturers of skin care products must keep certain chemicals out of the environment. It’s important for you to do your research as some states have made progress banning ingredients like plastic, exfoliating microbeads, and triclosan. However, until this becomes more common, it’s important for you to do your own research. Make it a habit to look for businesses that source their ingredients from ethically and responsibly sourced renewable resources. This contributes to maintaining a healthy balance and equilibrium among the planet’s resources.
  4. Organic products are effective. For too long, “organic” has been synonymous with “muesli” and it has been widely believed that products made from natural ingredients cannot work as well as products made with chemical and artificial chemicals. However, over time, we have discovered sources of beneficial organic and botanical substances that contribute to our success in producing healthy and effective products. In fact, we get testimonials from customers every day who are amazed by the effectiveness of our moisturizers and serums. Because we want to be able to share our joy and satisfaction with other people around the world, this is the driving force behind everything we do every day.
  5. It is important to consider your health. The path to better health lies ahead of each of us. Through customer testimonials, our own experience and research, we have found that removing certain chemicals from personal care products helps improve the symptoms of various conditions, including cancer, skin conditions such as dermatitis, and the desire to lose weight. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, the decisions you make about daily skin care can even serve as preventive measures for some health conditions. When taking inventory of your health and well-being, it is critical to be clear about the symbiotic relationship we have found to exist between nourishing your skin and nourishing your body.

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination, the products you choose to use on your face can have a significant impact on your overall body health. Yes, this applies to all of your health, as well as the health of your skin. But don’t take our word for it. Make a concerted effort to replace the products you use with products that are organic and plant-derived and you will see for yourself how favorably your skin and the rest of your body will respond to the transition.